Thursday, August 13, 2009

so, you say you haven't...

... consulted the dead through mediums, and you haven't filed lawsuits against fellow believers, and you haven't consorted with a prostitute. You're feeling pretty good about yourself, in knowing enough to avoid all those sins. But then along comes Luther in August 12's Writing, and smacks you so far down into the ground with his Law that convicts you for not knowing the Scriptures (nor Catechism) nearly as well as you ought! ouch.

(I also noted that David respected the authority of King Saul more than Saul respected the authority of King Saul. He previously rightly forbade the consulting of mediums by drving them out, and then went against the law of the land by consulting one. A good warning for Pastors, that we practice what we preach and respect the authority of the office as much as those outside the office are to respect it.)

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