Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9 - John 12 and Writing and Collect

 I love this writing by Bo Giertz about the Knight and his Muslim servant.  The moment my eyes saw, "Ibrahim?" I remembered it instantly from last year.  For one thing it clearly displays the lie that we all worship the same God.  The servant calls the work of Christ blasphemy, while the Knight finds his comfort and peace in it.  And then you and I pray in the Collect (from Christmas) that this One who experienced "cold and rain, filth and vermin, beatings and wounds, fear of death and defeat" would free us as well by that same Incarnation.  This story is a great illustration through fiction of the litany for the dying (Prayer on Wednesday, pg 1307) being answered. 
By the mystery of Your holy incarnation, by Your holy nativity;
By Your agony and bloody sweat;
By Your cross and Passion;
By Your precious death and burial;
By Your glorious resurrection and ascension;
And by the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter:
                        Help them, good Lord.
If you want to be depressed, read this article about the Claremont School of Theology hiring Muslim and Jewish faculty to teach the respective religions "of Abraham" (BAH!) - and if that goes "well", they'll be looking to add Hindu and Buddhist faculty as well!  The Devil must howl with delight over how easy it is to take people away from Christianity not by force, but by "kindness."
For reason to praise the true God of Abraham, check out this story about the Lutheran Heritage Foundation's work amongst Muslims, Getting Behind the Burkha

O Christ, though You lived among us, many still do not believe in You (John 12:37).  Free the Jew, the Muslim and all unbelievers from seeing Your blessing as a curse, Your truth as a lie, Your incarnation as a blasphemy.  Grant courage to those who are believe in You, but are afraid of losing status in life (or their very lives) if they confess You (John 12:42).  Comfort those who have lost greatly for declaring Your truth.

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