Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 14 - 2 Samuel 1

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Every time I read this text, it humbles me.  It kills my American pride that takes critiquing the government too far.  For who am I to dishonor my God-given rulers as I do?  David, already knowing he would be king after Saul, sinfully attacked by Saul at every turn, nonetheless honors his ruler to the point that he executes the man claiming to have put out his "hand to destroy the Lord's anointed."

On another note, as I am a week away from celebrating my 10th year of marriage with my lovely and gracious Laura, it was a beautiful surprise to see the prayer for yesterday and hymnody today - especially as I have been reminded of others who have been harmed by broken vows.  Certainly marriage only survives by God's help.

God of heaven and on earth, You serve us through those who rule over us. Help us to keep the laws of our land meant for good order in your kingdom on earth. Direct and govern President Obama, Governor Quinn; and all who make, administer, and judge our laws, that they may serve this country in godly wisdom. Defend the weakest among us, especially the unborn; grant justice to all; and maintain peace in our land.

Be present, O Father, with all families. Give husbands and wives grace to remain faithful to each other. Where spouses have hurt one another, grant them hearts and minds full of repentance and forgiveness. Bind together all families in a spirit of love and respect, and most especially instill in them a love for You and your Holy Word.

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