Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fun - nothing TDP

my 7 year old loves the M&M NASCAR race car... and thus Kyle Busch.   So she saw a commercial saying you could go to this site and design a car and meet the driver if you win.

Now mom and dad are not delusional enough to think that she has a chance at getting the thousands of votes she needs to win.  But still, it's fun to see how excited she gets when she gets more votes.
So if you, dear reader, would do me a favor and go and vote (the page takes a while to load, BUT you don't even have to login or give any personal info, just go to the site and click the circle marked "Vote"), and then if you know others who would do this to, let them know, and then if you would remember to do it again tomorrow - or even do it again today on a different computer, well, that would be great.

Rejoicing in First Article gifts,
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