Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday TDP Reading - Exodus 8

This Lent, I preached on the plagues against Egypt, using the excellent midweek series written by Sober Peasant in 2010, which he based upon articles in 2002-3 by Rev. Karl Fabrizius for Gottestdienst.

Here are two thoughts:

Exodus 8:7 makes me think of Psalm 2, as the kings make their plots against the Lord, but He just laughs in Heaven.  The magicians can bring more frogs to the land - but that just makes matters worse!  Things don't get better until Moses and Aaron plead with the Lord to take away the frogs from the Egyptian pharaoh and people.  But then the frogs' death stink - though not nearly as bad as our sins and death stink.  Yet the sacrifice prescribed in the Scriptures is sweet smelling to the Lord.

Gnats - The magicians try to copy this one - and fail.  Only God can create life from nothing but dust.  He did it with Adam.  And when our body returns to the dust, for dust we are, He will resurrect us out of our dust!

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