Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24 - Psalmody and New Testament

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So, with a busy day of Bible Study, hospital visits (involving over 100 miles driven) and council meeting, we read Romans 13.  And what comes to mind?  That I need to put on Christ, and my car's cruise control, lest my foot slip as oft it does and I gratify the desire of my flesh to go faster.  Funny, but sad, but true.

And now for some beauty from Psalm 131 - How is it that the soul is calmed and quieted?  It is through placing one's hope in the Lord forevermore.  But there are lots of hopes out there.  For instance, I hope Eli and the Giants beat Brady and the Pats in the House that big brother Peyton built.  But that hope is not certain, nor long lasting, nor does it calm and quiet my soul.  The only sure hope that brings peace is from the Lord making the Word of His Salvation known to us.  Alleluia indeed!  (Antiphon 2 for Epiphanytide, TDP page O-63).

Finally, I just love Valerius Herberger's writings included in TDP!  Particularly this gem today - "Since St. Paul and St. Timothy were dear friends, they were put beside each other in the calendar, and also on the day of St. Timothy, the Gospel of John 15:9-16 is read, which speaks of pure love and friendship."
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