Sunday, June 3, 2012

on a day when the Treasury of Daily Prayer brings Christ to us opening up the minds of the disciples to understand the Old Testament proclaims His death, resurrection, repentance and forgiveness (Luke 24), it is rather appropriate that Numbers 35:25 should jump out at me.  I knew about the cities of refuge, but that the death of the High Priest should result in freedom for those who have fled there, even as we flee for refuge to the name of God (Proverbs 18).  Wow.
And yet the Gospel is better than the Law, for the Cities of Refuge were only for those who became unintentional manslayers - while the Name of God brings forgiveness for us even after our intentional sins.
Wow.  Oh for a thousand tongues to sing indeed, for my one tongue finds itself speechless, lost in wonder and praise.  There just are not words to adequately thank the Lord enough for all His many blessings.  And so we share in the mega-joy of the Apostles after the ascension of our Lord (Luke 24).

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