Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 11 - Gospel

O Christ, as You invited the Samaritan woman to bring her husband, so You would have me bring to You those to whom I have witnessed or about whom I have prayed.  Like that woman, I must shamefully admit that I have not been faithful in witness of words and godly life.  And my prayers for others have even faltered.  As there are those who would have let her status as a Samaritan or her sinful life get in the way of their love for her, so also I have let such things as status and sin get in the way of my love for my neighbors.  Forgive me.  I want to do better.  May this upcoming season of Lent be a time of renewal, of death to my old self and new life in You as I take up the cross your Father gives so I may follow You more closely through Good Friday to the Day of Your Resurrection.  Yet remember that my frame is dust.  I am weak and even scared of how hard following You will be.  Let me never forget that You are the One who sought out the sinful Samaritan woman at the well and dealt with her compassionately.  And likewise You are the Savior who seeks me out to save me.

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