Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13 - Psalmody

"What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits to me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord" (Psalm 116:12-13).
hmmm... this thanksgiving sounds so different from what the world would expect or instruct. yes, verse 14 goes on to speak of what would be expected, thanking expressed with paying vows, living in service, etc. But this first section is not expected - thanking by receiving more gifts from the One you are thankful to. Seems like I heard somewhere that the highest form of worship is faith - trust in the God who saves.
a very beloved section of the psalms, and highly appropriate for the anniversary of my nativity, as my friend Mark Schlaamann calls it. Starck uses the verse for his birthday devotion. (HT: Weedon)

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  1. I found the writing from Chrysostom a little difficult to follow - but in the end it made sense.