Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday of Easter 4 - Leviticus 9

The ESV title for Leviticus 9 struck me as one of grace.  We should not take for granted that our gifts given will be well received.  Most of us have heard horror stories or been on the receiving end of bad gift giving.  That "The Lord Accepts Aaron's Offering" should astonish and amaze us, for Aaron is a sinner like us.  But the gift is offered in faith according to the Lord's mandate, and accepted by Him.  This being the Easter season, it put me in mind of one of the things the Resurrection proves to us - that God accepted Christ's sacrifice as payment for our sins.  And once I was thinking of Easter, then when I read of Moses and Aaron coming out of the tent of meeting and blessing the people (after the sin offering), "and the glory of the LORD appeared to all the people," (9:23), I could not help but think of Christ coming out of the grave and blessing His people in the risen Lord's glorious body as He appeared to the Disciples.


  1. I was thinking but not articulating that very idea this morning as I hastily composed my blog post.

    Enjoyed hearing you on Issues, Etc., by the way.

  2. I still haven't listened to myself yet. But I have thought of all sorts of things I WISH I had said!