Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday of Easter 3 - Gospel and Hymnody

On what has now been sown
Thy blessing, Lord, bestow;
The power is Thine alone
To make it spring and grow.
Do Thou in grace the harvest raise,
And Thou alone shalt have the praise. 
(by John Newton, who also penned "Amazing Grace")
Again, another much needed reminder of the Gospel and what is God's work.  Especially after I've been living under the self-imposed law of trying to figure out how to make fruits after the seed is planted.  But it is not in my power to make faith spring and grow.  That power is God's alone.  "Just say the Word", as my District President preached at my ordination 9 years ago, based on Luke 7.  Plant it home.
Oh, and Thrivent members, concerning today's prayer, you can partially (virtually?) embody in your life the mercy and charity of Christ by voting in the Thrivent Choice program for LCMS World Relief, LCMS Missions, or one of the others if you so choose.  Very simple, but do it before May 21.
And then there is also this from KFUO-AM, Thrivent and CPH - a drawing for $1000 upgrade for a K-8 school library.  I'd appreciate it if you voted for my kids' school, Trinity Lutheran, in Red Bud, Illinois.  But again, if you want to enter another school, I understand. 

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