Monday, September 20, 2010

getting back to normal

after almost no normal weeks since June, I'm finally back to one today.  No vacations, no conferences, no 3 day weekend.  It's nice to get back to the routine, and hopefully back to the routine of posting here.  I've thought about things I wanted to write from the daily devotions, but never got to the computer. 
Last week was an excellent conference from Doxology, presented by John Kleinig and Hal Senkbeil (and Dr. Feuerhahn attended too, and contributed his always brilliant questions).  It really got me thinking about improvements both to my preaching and my teaching, especially in the areas of Location (all types - physical and spiritual) and Imagination.  "God did not give us our imaginations so we could imagine what is not, but what IS!" - Kleinig.

Anyway, if you know of a pastor in the New Jersey area, strongly urge them to attend this conference.  Deadline for signing up is tomorrow.

Another DOXOLOGY Spotlight on Ministry Conference is coming up - spread the word to your pastor friends who live within driving distance of New Jersey. Hurry: registration deadline is September 21!

"Real Life Preaching/Helping People Entrapped in Porn"

Monday/Tuesday September 27/28, 2010
...Carmel Retreat Center Mahwah, New Jersey

Topics Covered:

Theophany in the Pulpit: Preaching as Disclosure of God’s gracious Presence
Preacher as Prophet: Sermon Strategy and Delivery
Confronting Pornography: Sexual Sanctification
Preaching the Real Presence of the Risen Lord Jesus
Preaching to Postmoderns: practicalities and applications

Sign up now!

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