Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday in Easter 7 - Psalmody

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Never ceases to amaze me how appropriate passages can be for the day.  Just before our pre-VBS staff meeting, I realized I didn't have a devotion ready!  So I quickly grabbed TDP.  Wow.  Psalm 111 went so well! Not just in speaking of studying and praising and remembering the Lord's deeds.  But also consider the reference to the work of His hands (v 7).  Ordinarily we might take this as Creation.  But when I read it 2 minutes before the meeting, my mind went immediately to the hands that were nailed to the Cross, that held fish to show He was not a ghost, that were shown to remove Thomas' disbelief, and hands that were raised in blessing upon the disciples when Christ ascended.  A question entered my head: "Is this stretching the meaning of the work of His hands?"  And yet, consider how redemption is the theme of the next sentence.

What do you think?
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  1. In the German Mass of Dr. Luther, Psalm 111 is the Communio Psalm. He saw above all how in the Supper He causes His wondrous works to be remembered, how He sends redemption to His people and remembers His covenant (Testament) and how He provides food for those who fear Him as He remembers His covenant for ever. Is it a stretch to see the work of His hands at the Cross in all that? No way. And the work of His hands in taking, blessing, breaking, lifting up the cup, and offering it around too.

  2. Interesting theme - how we can see the hand of God in figurative and literal senses. Once again we're confronted with the physicality of the Gospel and the risen Lord.