Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27 - Commemoration of Cyril of Alexandria

I first became aware of Cyril... well, probably in Dr. Weinrich's Early Church class, but I guess I forgot him after the exam was over. While doing sermon prep in Year C about 4 years ago, I noticed that Cyril kept having these great quotes in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Luke. So I did some research and got a great bargain on his Lukan commentary. The way he pulls in the rest of Scripture when commenting on Luke's writings. WoW. Here's a few links:

Cyril's Commentary on Luke (though it doesn't have the cool icon art that my book does) and John

Commemoration of Cyril of Alexandria by Paul McCain
Statue of St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Nicolas...Image via Wikipedia

Patristic QuoteS of the Day from William Weedon - who will be on Issues, etc this afternoon talking about this saint

And speaking of Issues, etc (which I still haven't won a Blog of the Week yet from them! Stiff competition) - here's what Rick Stuckwisch and Heath Curtis had to say.

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