Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6 - Isaiah and Acts 13:10

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It's hard to limit what I'd want to say about this Evangelist... errr... well, you know what I mean.  The Responsory for the Evangelists is quite appropriate for today (and the Antiphon even quotes him - see TDP O-73).  It is little wonder that Isaiah appears so often in the Lectionaries - including this Sunday's inclusion of a personal favorite, Isaiah 55.  Recent Advents and Lents found me preaching on Isaiah 9 and 53, respectively.

Andrew Bartelt gave an excelent presentation on Isaiah today on Issues, etc.

Isaiah proclaims the Lord's work of making straight the ways that once were crooked.   It intrigues me that St. Paul in today's NT reading condemns the magician Elymus for undoing this.

Far be it from us, O LORD, that we should forsake You to serve other Gods, for You have brought us and our fathers out of the house of slavery, and have done the great sign of restoring Your servant, our Messiah, to the land of the living (Joshua 24:16-17, with an Isaiah 53 spin).
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