Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9 - Roller Coasters and Acts 14

so I'm going downhill fast on the Screaming Eagle at about 2:30 pm with my six year old daughter at Six Flags-St. Louis, and all of a sudden the thougth pops into my head, "I haven't prayed today!" (nor read any Scripture, for that matter.) The next thought was, "I wonder if I could work this roller-coaster ride into my sermon." Probably not, but one never knows.

Without that thought about 8 hours ago, I would never have noticed that today's NT text was what I was commenting on in Bible class this week. In the 3 Year series, our Epistle (2 Corinthians 12:1-10) last Sunday had Paul talking about his mysterious thorn in the flesh that God didn't remove, as His grace is sufficient, for His power is made perfect in weakness.

Now some have theorized that the thorn in the flesh was a stuttering tongue. No way. Not with today's (yesterday's, by the time any of you see this post) reading in TDP, where the people of Lystra think Paul is Hermes, the messenger god (Acts 14:12).

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