Saturday, July 18, 2009

What others said - The nativity of Samuel

a few days ago, I posted a link to a midweek Advent sermon on the birth of Samson. That same series by Pastor Koch includes a sermon on the birth of Samuel (scroll about 3/4 of the way down).

After stating that Samuel's name means "Heard by God", Pr. Koch goes on to make the point that

"Even as the birth of Samuel brought peace and joy to Hannah, so the birth of Jesus brings peace and joy to us. For in Jesus God has answered your prayers in a most profound way. In Christ all of your needs are supplied; every petition finds its 'yes' in Him. Christmas is living proof that you are blessed and not cursed by God, that God does indeed love and forgive you. For the Son of God took on your very nature, your flesh and blood, in order that He might redeem you from all that brings you bitterness and sorrow in this life. He became like you in order to rescue you from your isolation and bring you into His everlasting fellowship."

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