Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2 - Writing

a member who has TDP asked me this morning about turtles. I'm guessing 1) Cyril had a corrupted Greek mss and 2) he didn't know Leviticus well. But it still bugs me. Though I do love how he then sees Christ in the Song of Songs passage. Would that more people could see Christ in the Old Testament like that.

oh, and I thank the Lord that He has given me such Biblically literate members who would know that sacrificing a turtle would not be kosher!

UPDATE - my dictionary, in the second definition of "turtle", says it is an archaic way of saying "turtledove" (which is what Pr. Weedon said.) Glad to know that Cyril didn't get it wrong.


  1. Pr. Weedon informs me that "turtle" is just a nice abbreviation for "turtledove", fwiw

  2. it raised a few curious eyebrows here yesterday at Matins also. :-)

  3. another possibility (and I'm not comfortable with any of them so far, but fwiw) - the English translator got Cyril's greek wrong