Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9 - John 3

while I was reading it, I had all these thoughts about what to write. Though, praise God, I wasn't so much distracted by the thought of this blog, as the thoughts led me devotionally deeper in prayer... but now I cannot remember so well what I was going to write exactly, but it went something like this:

The first response of Jesus to Nicodemus catches one off guard. It's not what was expected. Nicodemus greets with pleasantries, but it's almost like Jesus says, "Enough with the flattery - are you going to treat me like I am a teacher from God." Will we? We call Jesus Lord, Savior, Christ annointed to preach good news to us poor ones, the Word of God made flesh. At least that is what our words call Him - but our bodies and minds do not do so good of a job confessing/same saying the truth of those words. Lips may draw near, but hearts and minds wander far from Him.
Nicodemus has come to the Light in physical sense, yet comes at night, loving the darkness at this point rather than the Light because he does not want his work to be exposed to his fellow teachers of Israel. Not yet. But after the darkness covered the earth for three hours one Friday, he very publicly goes to care for the body of the Light, and it is clearly seen that his works were carried out in God for God.
But I get ahead of myself there, for first, while the teacher of Israel is still failing to understand, slow to believe, hiding in and loving the darkness, etc, he is taught the tremendous love of God in giving up not a creature (what kind of love is that? as Hilary points out in the Writing (WOW! - make sure to read this if you haven't), but His Only-begotten Son.

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