Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TDP, Job and Lent

about the only thing I don't like about TDP (actually, it's not really TDP's fault, but the lectionary calendar it follows from Lutheran Service Book) will soon make its annual appearance - we abandon Job in the midst of his sufferings. If you follow this lectionary religiously, you will not get to the end of Job until 2038 (when Easter is the absolute latest it can ever be.) This year we miss John 6-8 and return to chapter 9 of his Gospel after Trinity Sunday, but because of the way Easter slides around, we'll cover the unread chapters in other years.
So what to do about Job?
  1. Abandon him in his suffering.
  2. Read the Job text as the Old Testament reading one year, and the Genesis reading the next year.
  3. Add the Job text assigned for the secular date to the readings assigned for the day in Lent.


  1. I like your second idea. This would be the year for Job as the OT reading.

  2. I am rather lazy and will just follow the lectionary as is. :-)