Thursday, May 6, 2010

365 days of posts

well, not really... plenty of days where some of you have checked my blog and found nothing.  But this is the 365th day of this blog's existence (though the anniversary according to the Church calendar happend some time last week.)  Kind of fun to look back to my comments on the same Scripture passages we're reading now (and to remember that my mom was my first commenter, and Rick Stuckwisch the second).  Also fun to note from SiteMeter how people found my blog - and, for some reason completely mysterious to me, a bunch of people find my blog searching for "Ascension Sermons" - all throughout the year too, not just in May. 
I'm still glad I started blogging, so I guess I'll keep on going.
Weedon has a fun little practice of reaching milestone visit #s and asking for people to introduce themselves - and SiteMeter says I'm at 1700 right now, so who are you?  How did you find this blog?  Have we ever met in person, or just online?

God grant you a heart open to His word, this day and always.


  1. I am an ex-Protestant who has joined the Lutheran confession with great joy over the pure teaching that I have found. I was given the Treasury of Daily Prayer last July and sort of hefted it up and mumbled thanks...not knowing what it was. Boy, was I ever humbled when I opened it up and discovered the riches I had been given.

    Pastor Weedon posted my "Treasury Joy" email to him on his blog...but I will say again this is an amazing resource.

    I noticed your comments on his blog and went looking to see if you had one and found this.

    Oh, my, am I utterly grateful for the pen you wield here, offering the Gospel for those who are hungering for as much teaching as they can find.

    I appreciate very much your "connective" thoughts, the things that surprise me, challenge me, and even trouble my waters.

    Yes! Please do! Continue blogging away to the praise and glory of God our Father, who together with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, reigns forever and ever!

    One of the 1,700...

  2. Myrtle,
    thank you for the compliment. Through Sitemeter, I found and read your blog. You have a dark road to walk. Yet the Light of the World is with you in, with and under your crosses. Know that the way that God does crosses is to follow them up with Resurrection!