Monday, May 3, 2010

Luke 12

nice little dovetail in Luke 12:1-12 with what I preached in my sermon yesterday based on John 16:12-22. 
Jesus promised them the Holy Spirit would come to them (John 16:13-15, Luke 12:11-12), and no one would take their joy from them (John 16:22). 
Though the rulers and authorities tried (Luke 12:4, 11).  But when they threatened the Disciples with death if they would not give up on Jesus, the Disciples response was that the rulers might destroy their body - but the One who can destroy both body and soul in Hell forever, has said that by grace, He does not want to.
God will make them - and us - to be like Jesus.  Tormented by sin for a while, as dead as Jesus was on Good Friday, but then as alive as Jesus on Easter, raised up with sorrow turned to complete joy.

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