Friday, May 21, 2010

Easter 7, Thursday - Connections

The authority of Aaron is challenged (Numbers 16) as he is treated shamefully (Luke 20:11).  The Son is killed by being nailed to wood that is as dead as Aaron's staff.  But when what is dead comes to life, budding and bearing fruit, it shows the chosen One of God.


  1. Dear Pastor Leistico,

    This post is precisely the sort that makes me sigh with pleasure that God would move confessional Lutheran Pastors to share their insights and learning with those of us who are not in their flock.

    I wonder if I will ever be able to make the sorts of connections you do, ones that deepen the magnitude of both the riches of the Living Word and the whole of the work He has done for us.

    I wonder if it is because you are a pastor that you seem to see the patterns of Scripture so clearly, following individual threads throughout His weaving, or if it is because you have been a Lutheran for a long while, with access to pure teaching. Or maybe it is merely because today you were God's pen for me.

    Whatever the reason...thank you.

  2. Myrtle,
    it's a little from column A and a little from column B as to how I can see the threads of Scripture.
    Some of it is "natural" (God-given) talent. In college Literature courses, one of my favorite essay assignments was to compare and contrast themes - especially to find what was common between two or more pieces of literature.
    Of course, some of it is faith, the Holy Spirit lifting the veil to see Christ in the Scriptures.
    Some of it is from reading how other Christians before me have recognized the threads - Pr. Weedon and Pr. Stuckwisch, among others, have been especially helpful with this.
    And some of it is what you suggest, especially the last one about being God's pen for you today, since I notice that last year I didn't see this thread.