Tuesday, May 17, 2011

anniversaries of sorts

Transfiguration (All Souls)Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr
Calculated one way, yesterday was my sister's birthday.  But calculated liturgically, it was the birthday of this Keeping and Treasuring the Word Blog.  Well, technically I wrote my first post on Thursday of that week about Monday of Easter 4's TDP Writing (after "losing" Tuesday to minor surgery.)  Cyril of Alexandria spoke of the Law and the Prophets being the bodyguard of our Lord Jesus Christ - which William Weedon suggested should be understood as Christ's honor guard.

Reverends  Tapani SimojokiWilliam Weedon, and yours truly.
by the way, I am much taller than this - but for the sake of the picture, I bent my knees!
Here is a picture of Weedon's honor guard yesterday, at the end of our time "on the mountaintop" with the Lord, feasting on fine food, theology, conversation and consolation.  

As William reports on his blog, Tapani announced the glorious news that the Book of Concord's translation into Swahili (1.5 million speakers!) has been completed!

Too soon it seemed we needed to descend.  But since Christ bid us leave this mount, He went with us to the plain.  

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