Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday in Easter 3 - Gospel

Ressurection of Jairus' daughterImage via Wikipedia
Two thoughts on Luke 8.  Our five kids have to learn that mom and dad will respond to their request, but sometimes they have to take a number, so to speak, and wait for another sibling to be helped.  If I was the father, I may have gotten frustrated with Jesus for letting Himself get interrupted.  "Cmon, cmon - my daughter's suffering terribly.  Hurry up!.... oh, now she's dead.    Nevermind."  Little wonder that Jesus knows the need to encourage faith here.  

Once at the house, Luke almost reads as though Peter, James, John and the parents laugh about Jesus' claim that the girl is not dead.  Matthew 9 indicates that it was the crowd of mourners laughing before they were kicked outside.
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