Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday in Easter 3 - Gospel

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The Sower goes out to sow His seed.  And He sends out workers into His fields, not just to harvest, but also to scatter hither and yon, recklessly, repeatedly, abundantly.  They "Just say the word" (Luke 7 - Monday's TDP reading) - as was specifically and personally preached to me and sown in me 10 years ago this June 17 by then DP, now LCMS VP Rev. Herbert Mueller.  Through the years I give thanks to God for shepherding me and planting His Word in me through such men as him, Rev. Charles Rauschek, Rev. David Wobrock, Rev. Marvin Moon, Rev. Steve Mueller, Rev. Al Espinosa, Rev. Larry Rast, Rev. Bob Gray, Rev. Steven MacDougall, Rev. Ralph Laufer, Rev. Tim Scharr, Rev. Leroy Eckert, Rev. Gregory Schultz, Rev. William Weedon, Rev. Bruce Kesemann, Rev. Todd Wilken, and Rev. James Douthwaite, to name just a FEW.  I pray for the blessing of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom which comes down from above, that I may hand on to others what these men have given me as they just said the word and planted it within me. 
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