Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12 - Collect and "He Remembers the Barren"

I had the privilege of going to a presentation on barrenness by Katie Schuermann and my friend Ben's wife, Rebecca Mayes.  Katie (or was it Rebecca) commented that she has been paying attention to the Collects for the Day lately.  The one assigned for September 12 specifically caught her ear when it was prayed in Church a few Sundays ago.  Her heart in her barrenness may focus narrowly on the desire for her own biological child.  Yet she found joy in the Collect's reminder that God has prepared good things that surpass our understanding and exceed all that we desire.

Here is Adriane Dorr's write-up of the night before at the Seminary.  I heard the St Louis South County's Lutherans for Life bought copies of her book for all seminarians who attended her presentation, so kudos to them!
You might also check out their blog,, as well as these posts - and the following comments - by my dear sister-in-Christ (and fellow Dodger fan), RPW:

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