Thursday, September 3, 2009

have you done it?

don't say I didn't warn you if you lose files when your hard drive goes blank. back up your files now. it would have been so easy for me to do it... grumble... I now basically have a brand new 2 year old computer... with factory settings... oh well, such is life.
And Weedon, the thought did cross my mind that I should just plain get a Mac. And then I thought about how expensive those things are.
Oh, and today's TDP Old Testament text is one of my favorites... it was definitely written for my comfort and learning. As Cwirla preached the Sunday I attended his church back in 1997, Elijah needed to learn there are no soloists in the symphony of God. I need to learn that too.
And what great mysteries to rejoice in that Paul reveals in Ephesians 3. I know you probably forget they are mysteries, because I know I do, and I know no temptation has come upon me except that which is common to you.

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