Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24 - 1 Timothy 6

I never was good at seeing the structure of a text on my own. At the seminary, I was very glad that when Dr. Just expected us to write about the structure of a particular text, he provided us with the structure in his Luke commentary. So it was very surprising to me when the structure of today's text just jumped out at me - an ABCBA pattern, highlighting the C point (which also finds expression in A and B points.) A is verses 3-5 and 20-21, warning about avoiding irreverent babblers who depart from teaching true doctrine. B is verses 6-10 and 17-19, warning about how the love of money leads away from the faith. C is 11-16, which encourages steadfastness in confessing the true faith.

And I know that the passages were chosen separately, but Nehemiah sure paired up well with its reminders of what happens when God's people become faithless.

Lord, keep us faithful to You, for You remain faithful to us.

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