Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19 - 1 Timothy 2

under the theme of praying for all people, I just noticed the Let Us Pray resource for this week includes this prayer:

Give hope to those who battle with depression, and sustain those with mental
illness. Help us all to know the full consolation of Your love, especially when
we are overcome with anxiety and despair.

I certainly appreciate knowing holy hands of pastors across our synod will be lifted up in prayer tonight and tomorrow for members of my congregation who struggle mightily with depression, as well as many dear friends (I hear a second volume of "I Trust when Dark My Road" might be in the works! If you haven't read it, the first printing is all gone - but you can go here to read the pdf. well worth your time.)

At my own darkest moments, I've been glad to know that others are praying for me when I can't.

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