Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saints of the Bible, warts and all

I can relate to Moses, Lord... sort of. For You called me to lead barely a fraction of the number of people you called him to lead. And yet I still ask "Who am I that I should lead even a few of Your children, members of the New Israel, out of slavery to sin, away from Hell and to the Promised Land of Heaven?" I know I am not sufficient for this task. I have done what I thought was right, yet been accused of evil (Exodus 2:11-14). With tears I see times when I behaved as if I did not know you (Mark 14:66-72).

And so I thank You, Lord, for giving Scriptures that do not whitewash the heroes of the faith, but show the failures and doubts of Moses and Peter and so many others, so that I might know there is hope for all who continually fail... like me. I have hope, O Christ, because You have promised You will be with me (Exodus 3:12, Matthew 28:20), and You have given this sign for me - when I have been brought out of this world, I shall serve you in purity and in truth on the heavenly Mount Zion because You worshipped to death Your Father on Mount Calvary.

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