Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday in Lent 4

Father Jacob in Genesis 43:1-28 reminded me of this post by Rev. Rick Stuckwisch. As parents, we are given a sacred duty to care for and protect our children. Sometimes this responsibility goes to our heads, and in pride we make ourselves to be false gods, able to protect them as long as they are in our presence. I have only begun to face this as my eldest is only a first grader, and so is only rarely away from my wife or me. Rev. Stuckwisch writes in part,
For a certain number of years, and in a limited number of ways, I am given to serve my children and care for their needs, but their bodies and lives are always really in the care and keeping of their Father in heaven.

Jacob confesses this in the end. Son Judah pledges the safety of Benjamin (Genesis 43:8-9). But Jacob knows that unless the Lord protects his house, Judah's promise is in vain. Without the Lord's mercy, Benjamin will not return. Nonetheless, God's will be done as Benjamin goes (Genesis 43:14).
Now the Son of Judah has pledged to you safety, even the resurrection of your body and the raising of your dead (Mark 12:25-27). And the Son of God never makes vain promises, for the work of the Lord is never in vain.
O Risen Son of God and Son of Man, let us see the fulfillment of Your Scriptures which promise us Your protection.

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