Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Joseph

I have a lot of admiration for St. Joseph, the silent man of the Scriptures, and all the more having read Dr. Louis Brighton great article in Concordia Journal's July 2005 issue, which used Joseph and Mary to illustrate the living out of Ephesians 5. Make time to read (even if you have read it before), "Where is the Holy Family Today?: Marriage a Holy Covenant before God - The Biblical Role of Man and Woman"
Friend and fellow "Doxologist" Rev. Randy Asburry has this today.
And Rev. Cwirla posted this "Ode to Joseph" a few Christmas Eve's back. He also once preached (in a sermon I can't find online anymore) that we say we believe in Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary easy enough. It wasn't so easy for Joseph to say that. He had to go on faith in the Word of God that she was still a virgin, though pregnant.

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