Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm still here

I feel a bit like the Samaritan of Luke 10 (last Sunday's 3 year Gospel text) - on my way to my desired goal of posting, I have been seeing many neighbors in need of compassion.  And then there is the topic the whole rest of the LCMS social media is abuzz over.  But now "It's Time" for me to journey on vacation - staycation really... so I'll be afk for a while. 

But I do have this for you: Give your pastor a call.  Find out what treasure of insight he has about the text in today's Treasury of Daily Prayer.  Pray for him (as many members and friends have let me know they have been doing for me.  It means a ton.)  And ask him to pray for you.  It will probably brighten his day.

And you pastors - get thee to your father confessor and see what insights he has for you from these texts.  Ask him to pray for you and bless you.  If you don't have a pastor, please take this as an encouragement in the Gospel to find one.  I have a great one - got to see him Monday and hear God's forgiveness through him.  And I wouldn't mind sharing him if I have to.

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