Thursday, July 29, 2010

What others are saying

HT to RPW (who I'm glad to announce is blogging again) for linking to this:
Gottesblog: Sunday Morning is for Church

Not that it should surprise us. And perhaps we should be expecting that more benefits the Church used to enjoy will be disappearing within our lifetimes.
Still, the early Church had far worse things going against it. Christians then had employers and gov't officials who not only didn't give them time to gather, but tried destroying such congregations. Temporally speaking, the future looks pretty dark for Christians in Europe, America and Muslim controlled parts of Africa. Yet the Holy Spirit sustained the first Christians , even as He shall sustain us and all His faithful into the future. There is a reason we remember the Apostle James the elder last Sunday - to encourage us in our day that persecutions will not separate us from the love of God in Christ.

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