Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26 - OT, a little on the lighter side

Traditional Animal Nickname: Donkeys/les ânesImage via Wikipedia
You never know how a devotional reading will end up being used in a day.  So on July 26, we read about Saul chasing after dad's donkeys and ending up as King.  One of my young members (either the first or second I baptized) is a Cub Scout working on a "God and Me" patch through a Bible Study with me.  Bright kid, attends a local Lutheran school, so a lot will be review.  Anyway I ask how his day was so far, and he said that he was helping to chase after Grandpa's donkeys!  So I talk to him about King Saul and ask what he thought would happen if he came home from the donkey hunt and told his dad he was now King of America.  He stood up and pretended to faint onto the floor.  Fun.
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