Monday, June 22, 2009

Back, back, back...

... it's gone! That's what I like to hear when my Dodgers are up to bat. Anyway, I'm back. But since I was gone on Saturday, let's go back for a moment to that day's reading from John 18. Do not only see Peter's denial (which broke the 8th and 2nd Commandment), but see also how John holds that in close connection to Christ's giving the good confession, thus keeping both 8th and 2nd Commandments. This active obedience was credited to Peter as if he had done it, and to you as if you had done it too (Romans 4).

I probably would not have seen this connection if not for Issues, etc recently stressing this theme in the Ten Commandments series. You can hear Dr. Carl Fickenscher give a brief description of Christ's Active and Passive Obedience here.

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