Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25 - Proverbs 31

"a Proverbs 31 woman" seems to be a term I've heard from those outside Lutheran circles. The only Lutheran sermon I've heard on this text was for the funeral of my grandmother almost two years ago now. I had the privilege of doing the graveside committal (which, due to logistics, came right before the memorial service in the church), and of reading the Scriptures and churchly obituary. My grandmother resembled our brother Joseph, the guardian of our Lord. God called them both to care for one who already had a child - or, I should say, children, since my dad was one of nine. Dad's mom died while he was in college. Only his youngest brother was still at home yet when Grandpa Leistico remarried. But like righteous Joseph, Grandma Leistico cared for us as if we were her own. She was a lovely, loving woman, and I'm glad that my wife had the chance to meet her before grandma lost her mental faculties. The last time I saw her alive, to her I was only some guy with a wife and two kids. That was very difficult. Now the Lord has freed her mind from that. But I am not yet freed from mourning. I miss her.
Along with Grandma Virginia Leistico, I've been blessed with many other women who fear the Lord (31:30) - most importantly my wife, mother, and Grandma Rapp. I look forward to the Heavenly reunion, seeing my grandmas again, and meeting my biological Grandma Sophia Leistico, whom my wife and I honored by naming our youngest after.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for blessing me with such women whom I have neither merited nor deserved. Bless them with Your loving care to the day of the Resurrection.

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