Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why is the keeping up with Word and Prayer so hard?

When I first started as a pastor, it seems like it was much easier to follow the discipline of daily devotions. Now it seems like it is so much easier to just dive into the day, and so often forget to get to the Word and Prayer. One thing I figured out - I'm much more likely to get to it when I'm at church. So, on days like Friday and Saturday when I don't go there, I almost always failed. Solution: I bought two TDPs, one for church and one for home. But still I'm slow to get to it. The discipline that my desire to post thoughts to this blog often has gotten me to at least scan the Scriptures more often.

Why is it so difficult to keep up with daily devotions? Pr. Weedon today has an answer from John Kleinig.

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